Science, technology and innovation are of great importance for the Netherlands. They are indispensable for economic growth and finding solutions to societal challenges, whether they be related to safety, the climate emergency, mobility or public health, to name but a few examples.

The Netherlands has long been known as a country where science, technology and innovation flourish. To ensure that the Netherlands is future-proof, it is vital to maintain this strong position. In its advisory reports to government, the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) aims to contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of the people in The Netherlands. And to the forging of this future-proof Netherlands.

AWTI’s advisory reports have an international focus

The Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) is an independent body which advises the Dutch government and parliament on matters related to science, technology and innovation. AWTI publishes between around three to five advisory reports per year to the Dutch government and parliament, focusing on the interrelationship between science, technology and innovation. AWTI’s advisory reports are strategic in nature and have an international focus. They address fundamental issues, are focused on the longer term and also consider the situation in other countries. AWTI’s approach is systematic and evidence-based.

AWTI adopts a project-based approach

To ensure that its advisory reports are independent and strategic, AWTI adopts a project-based approach, with a project team made up of Council members and scientific staff members setting to work on the topic in question. The Council then discusses the advisory report several times during its monthly meetings. For an advisory report to be adopted, the full Council must unanimously agree to the whole of the report.

In compiling its advisory reports, AWTI seeks contact with all kinds of people, including policymakers and politicians but also people outside the circle of government who deal with a particular topic in their day-to-day lives.

Council and staff

The Council is made up of ten experts from the scientific world and the business community, who are members of AWTI in a personal capacity. The council is supported in its activities by the staff.

Improve or adapt national policy

The advisory reports published by AWTI offer pointers to enable government and parliament to further improve or adapt their policy in the area of science, technology and innovation. Through these reports, AWTI aims to contribute to strengthening the innovative, scientific and technological power of people, businesses and knowledge institutes in the Netherlands.