AWTI works independently; it does not represent a membership or any other interests and may publish its advisory reports both on request and on its own initiative.

The majority of its advisory reports are produced at the request of the Ministers of Education, Culture and Science and of Economic Affairs and Climate, though other government ministers and Members of Parliament can also commission a report. In addition, AWTI can decide to produce an advisory report on its own initiative, for example if it identifies a concerning – or promising – development. In its annual Work Programme, AWTI sets out the topics on which it plans to produce advisory reports in the coming year. The Work Programme is compiled with input from the Minister of Education, Culture and Science and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, as well as other stakeholders.

Production of advisory reports

When producing its advisory reports, AWTI looks at the interrelationship between science, technology and innovation. This involves studying relevant literature and interviewing various people. AWTI also regularly commissions background studies or organises a working conference on the topic addressed by an advisory report. This elicits interaction and input from all kinds of different stakeholders: policymakers, politicians, subject experts and other people who are involved with the topic on a day-to-day basis.

To ensure that its advisory reports are independent and strategic, AWTI adopts a project-based approach, with a project team made up of council members and scientific staff members setting to work on the topic in question. The Council then discusses the advisory report several times during its monthly meetings. For an advisory report to be adopted, the full Council must unanimously agree to the whole of the report.

Publication of advisory reports

Advisory reports are placed in the public domain as soon as they have been presented by the Council to the relevant Minister(s) or to Parliament. At the same time, AWTI publishes the advisory report on its website. This is sometimes accompanied by a conference or public presentation to a Minister or Parliament. If an advisory report has been produced at the request of the government, the government is required to respond to the report within three months.