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Strategic interplay - Combine the strengths of the Netherlands and the EU for greater research and innovation impact

Science, technology and innovation (STI) are crucial for the development of the EU and the Netherlands: for expanding the EU and the Netherlands as a knowledge economy and because of the many social challenges we face. The EU therefore makes policy to promote STI, just as the Netherlands does. At the request of the government, the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) advised on the question: 'How do we ensure that European and Dutch STI policies are better aligned and reinforced?'

Ensure a coherent mix of European and Dutch STI policy

EU policy on STI offers many opportunities for all types of research and innovation. One problem is that national and European STI policies are not in perfect alignment with each other. In practice, both are relatively 'separate from each other'. The AWTI advises that the European and Dutch policy on STI be treated as a single whole in which the different components are aligned in a way that creates a coherent policy mix of measures aimed at achieving the ambitions. Ideally, national and European policies reinforce each other (‘leverage’) or complement each other.

Eppo Bruins, AWTI chairman:

    'If the Netherlands wants to tackle major problems better, the government and provinces must work together better and be open to the opportunities that Europe offers us.'


In the advice, the AWTI makes the following six recommendations:

1. Ensure good alignment between Dutch and EU policy on STI so that they reinforce or complement each other
2. Take a proactive and strategic stance in Brussels with a focused agenda
3. Continue to support basic research in the EU and link it more effectively to innovation
4. Create regional links with EU STI policy
5. Provide support in making use of EU instruments
6. Safeguard opportunities for collaboration with attractive non-EU partners

Zorg dat het EU-beleid voor wetenschap, technologie en innovatie en het Nederlandse beleid hand in hand gaan
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Ensure that EU policy for science, technology and innovation and Dutch policy go hand in hand