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Advisory report: Knowledge in Conflict - Striking a Balance between Security and Liberty

The combination of geopolitical, technological, and societal trends is making international collaboration between knowledge institutes increasingly complex. The rewards are many, but there are risks, too. Governments and knowledge institutes have taken a number of steps in recent years to mitigate these risks. While these steps have been useful, the rapid pace of developments constantly throws up new challenges. Against this backdrop, in this report the Dutch Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) addresses the following question: How can the Netherlands best deal with the risks associated with international collaboration in building knowledge at Dutch knowledge institutes, including in higher education?

Need for a learning approach, with ongoing attention for nuance and more awareness-raising

AWTI believes that ensuring secure, high-quality knowledge development in the Netherlands requires an ever more effective approach to knowledge security, with more attention for the nuance demanded by the complexity of the situation. More also needs to be done to raise awareness and develop the necessary knowledge and skills in relation to knowledge security among all stakeholders.

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